How can I change the number of zones?

Switch to relative mode by clicking the switch button icon on the navigation bar. Then click the palette option and select the number of classes desired. We recommend 3 to 4 classes to separate the data into low, medium, and high vigor.

What is the Relative vs. Absolute view?

Absolute mode is the default view. This uses a fixed color scale that covers the vigor levels for the entire range of vegetation, and is comparable between dates and locations. Relative view rescales the data from lowest vigor to highest vigor, relative to only the blocks selected.

I can’t see all the vineyards that should be in my folder

Under your profile name, click the switch teams function (see above) to see other folders you can access. If you require access to other folders, contact support@vineview.com with a list of properties needed and a contact person at the affiliated company for verification.

How can I update the block layout?

Block layout change requests can be sent to support@vineview.com. Please send an updated shapefile or PDF block map. Changes that occur post-processing will be subject to a charge of $150 per property per date, unless initiated during the initial order.

How can I change/update block names?

Navigate to the top-right menu and select your username. From this dropdown menu, select “Manage Organization.” On the left-side menu, click the “Fields” icon. A list of your Fields will appear with pencil icons to the right of the field name and arrow icons to the left. Select the arrow icon to expand the selected…

How do I share the data with others?

(1) Exported PDF reports can be shared with others. PDF reports can be exported by navigating to the top-right menu where your username is listed and selecting “Report” from the dropdown menu. Use the popup window to select which layers to include in the report, and if you would like each block on a separate…

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