Can I send you a kmz or shapefile?

Any type of geospatial file format is accepted if bounds are clearly delineated. Some accepted file types include shapefile, geojson, kmz, geopackage. VineView also accepts non- georeferenced maps if sufficient information is provided to locate the property.

What information do you need to set up my order?

We need the following information to place your order: 1. Vineyard names2. Shapefile or ranch map with detailed block boundaries for each vineyard3. Block names4. Vine spacing for each block5. Varietal planted in each block6. Target flight dates

Do you provide a report on my vineyard?

You can find PDF reports by navigating to the top-right menu where your username is listed and selecting “Report” from the dropdown menu. A window will open with report options.

What is the best time to schedule a single flight?

VineView recommends our three-flight package; however, for those electing just one flight per year, we recommend a pre-veraison or veraison flight. An earlier flight gives more opportunity to implement management practices.

How is PureVine™ calculated?

PureVine™ is VineView’s process that isolates the canopy from surrounding soil and groundcover. The calculation uses a combination of proprietary algorithms and user inputs.

What is the difference between undetected vines and canopy gaps?

Undetected vines are calculated using the vine spacing set at the block level, generally between 4-8 feet. This value should stay somewhat static throughout the growing season. Canopy gaps are a more granular calculation, at 50 cm increments. This value is likely to see more change as the canopy closes over throughout the year.

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