Can I cancel/modify my order?

Orders can be modified up to 10 days prior to the scheduled flight date. Changes made after that date may be subject to an additional fee.

How often do you fly?

VineView has planes in the air approximately four days per week. Images can be ordered weekly, monthly, or as few as one flight per season.

What is the turnaround time for my data?

Data is delivered 2 to 5 days after the flight depending on the product ordered. You will receive an automated email after the flight has occurred and another message when the data is available in the VineView app.

Can I be notified before my flight?

You will receive automated email messages regarding your flight schedule shortly after you place the order and also two weeks prior to the scheduled flight. Changes to the flight date can be made up to 10 days prior to the scheduled flight date. Last minute changes may be accommodated and subject to a scheduling fee.

Can I have different flight dates for different regions?

VineView targets bloom, veraison and pre- harvest dates on a regional basis; however, we recognize not all growers and grape varieties follow the same schedule, so we are happy to consider your date requests. For guaranteed flight dates, we offer the Pro Advanced product. Please inquire with your VineView sales representative.

How often should I have my property flown?

Flight frequency depends on intended use. VineView recommends three flights per season to track and mitigate potential problems. Larger growers may benefit from monthly flights to help prioritize problem areas for scouting and mitigation. This can result in significant labor savings.

Can I send you a kmz or shapefile?

Any type of geospatial file format is accepted if bounds are clearly delineated. Some accepted file types include shapefile, geojson, kmz, geopackage. VineView also accepts non- georeferenced maps if sufficient information is provided to locate the property.

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