PinPoint RTK

The Ultimate High Precision GPS Receiver.

Introducing the VineView PinPoint RTK GPS, your trusty companion for adding precision to vineyard management. This rugged, waterproof, offline-capable GPS receiver seamlessly connects with the VineView app on both Android and iOS, allowing you to take and track notes with remarkable accuracy (up to 3 cm). Plus, with programmable buttons, accurate field scouting becomes a breeze.

Key Features

Highly Accurate:

Utilizes RTK technology for superior positioning with up to 3 cm accuracy.

Offline Capability:

Functions without internet, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations.

Robust & Resilient:

Rugged and waterproof IP54 design ensures reliability in any weather condition.


Programmable buttons for easy field scouting and quick access to key features.


Seamless integration with the VineView app on both Android and iOS devices.

Long Lasting:

8+ hours of operation on a battery charge.

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