VineView's Irrigation package includes all Vigor Pro data layers, along with two additional layers to assist irrigation management: Crop Coefficient and Thermal Imagery

Thermal Image

A non-invasive spatial detection of heat differences within a field. Changes in vegetation water stress levels influence the field’s temperature profile – which can provide early identification of irrigation issues, disease pressures, and degrading plant health.

Crop Coefficient

Geospatial data layer that provides a block-by-block crop coefficient (Kc) value based on scientifically calibrated imagery. Utilize recurring block-level Kc values with local Evapotranspiration (ETo) from a nearby weather station (CIMIS) to assess irrigation needs

How it's used:

Irrigate with Precision: Schedule Irrigation at the Block Level with Crop Coefficients


  • Purchase a 3-flight or 5-flight Irrigation package.
  • To determine block-specific irrigation needs, use recurring block-level Kc values.
  • By inputting a local ETo value from a nearby CIMIS into the equation: Water Requirement = ETo x Kc, you are able to estimate water needs for your vineyard during specific growth stages.
  • You can then adjust the irrigation system accordingly.


  • Subsequent flights help monitor changes in vigor distribution using PureVine™ layers.
  • You can examine thermal data for early signs of leaks after adjusting water application based on the Kc value.
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