For more than 20 years now, VineView has been providing industry-leading, consistent data to support decision-making in vineyards. We are now offering our award-winning multispectral aerial imagery and data-driven insights to growers of other crops as well. Our experience in data science and remote sensing has helped us develop custom solutions for growers of potatoes and almonds that fit their specific needs. For example, some of the solutions we have developed with our customers include:

Variable Rate Fertilizer Application
Nitrogen Estimation Models
Bloom Density Mapping
Accurate Stand Count Analysis

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Pure canopy, plant-level precision

AgriView provides precision agriculture solutions tailored to farmers’ needs. With AgriView’s scientifically-calibrated data insights and aerial imagery, farmers are able to identify problems earlier and make informed decisions for their crop health

Improve crop quality and save time

Specialized data, reporting and insights tailored to your crop. High quality and accurate data, not influenced by time of day or other noise — comparable over time

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