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At VineView, we are transforming the way growers monitor crop health. Using highly specialized aerial-based spectral sensors and a cloud-based image processing service, we deliver ultra-high resolution aerial imagery and data insights to help agricultural operators monitor the health of their crop in real time.

Named one of Canada’s most innovative tech companies by the Canadian Innovation Exchange, our technology enables more responsive crop management, reduced costs, decreased inputs, and minimizes the environmental impact of your agriculture operations while improving crop quality and yields.

SkySquirrel Technologies and VineView, Scientific Aerial Imaging, Inc., leading provider of remote sensing services to grape growers in California since 2002, merged in January 2018 to become VineView.

Meet Our Team

Richard van der Put

Chief Executive Officer

Chris MacDonald

Chief Operations Officer

Martin Gaudet

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Staid

Chief Scientific Officer

Raul Pena

VP of Global Sales

Melissa Staid

Executive VP Business Development

Zachary Cross

Chief Pilot

Gabriel Navarro

Senior Pilot

Luke Butler

Flight Ops Manager/Pilot

Gregory Huchet

Data Scientist

Clarissa Theriault

Senior R&D Manager

Chris Perro

Remote Sensing Scientist

Max Turner

Product Manager

Mike Lowe

Senior Software Developer

Zac Kerrim

Directeur Operations, France

Andrew Kenny

Full Stack Engineer

Courtney Craig

Data Operations Manager

Jensen Brown

Jensen Brown

Geospatial Data Specialist

Bruno-Charles Busseau

Bruno-Charles Busseau

Geospatial Data Analyst

Erin Krieg

Regional Sales Manager

Board of Directors

Richard van der Put


Meaghan Becker

Independent Director

Chris MacDonald

Secretary of the Board

Matt Staid


We’re always looking for hard-working, creative problem solvers to join our growing team.

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